Why Interactive Media LLC?


Platform Driven

Responsive Websites, Professional Design, Lightening Fast Hosting, Big Data Intelligence, Facebook Advertising, Google & Bing PPC, Social Media Management, SEO, Security, Scalability, Efficient Deployment, Strong Support, Training and a Social Loyalty Platform to boot. Need we say more?


Social Media Marketing as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Providing marketing geared for online conversions, ease of use and tracking. Utilize SMART planning, social and mobile technologies and big data to make strategic decisions optimized for performance and customer acquisition in your market.


Big Results, Simple Solutions

You do not need to be a math whiz or a computer scientist to use our tools. We like simplicity and know that the most important driver to business is sustainable revenue generation. We have software and services that keep it simple and drive big results.


Sustainable Marketing

We have focused on supplying our clients with solutions that improve digital marketing at a price that can drive demand and stay within the budget of our clients.


Our Philosophy

Bring Value

There is opportunity within reach for organizations that are willing to be social, engaging and collaborative. The digital world is now social, local and mobile with nearly 75% of the adult population turning to their smart phones for information, directions, buying advice and social networking.  IS your company ready for the digital revolution?

Understand your Audience

We build value for brands by focusing on how their products fit into a person’s life and buying cycle.  We model the intentional behavior of your audience, including how they use product prior to launching campaigns that activate engagement in the context that your audience prefers.

Facts over Opinions

We value organized data that can be made actionable.  We provide analytic reports, content management systems, servers, email systems, custom campaigns, and marketing solutions that are based on what our client needs, not what someone can sale them. We provide social media services for Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin, and other 3rd party social apps. For those in the enterprise, we offer integration with Salesforce and Microsoft Exchange.

Performance Testing

Social Graph and Mobile technology change quickly and are driven by results.  Our team is is able to help create solutions for digital media that are efficient and effective for businesses whether in the consumer market or business to business.  We oversee the performance of optimized ad spends, website designs, marketing funnel creation and practical SEO on a daily basis. We have the team, talent and platform drive approach that drives marketing return on investment.   Open up your business to the world by creating community with us.



Strategic Innovation

Software, applications and web sites are an area where you can be 50x better than the competition.

We Deploy Fast

Everyday that you are not leveraging web apps is a day that you lose opportunities.  We work hard to get you to market quickly, efficiently and effectively.

Support on Staff

24/7/365 We do not stop working because of holidays and we are here for your business.  Unmatched support packages available.

The Digital Connection

With mobile, social and search technologies, we can drive leads to your business whether a SMB looking for local prospects or global enterprise searching for buyers.

Cloud Computing

Cloud hosting and solutions ensure that your business is up and ready to work when and where you need it.

Trusted Developers

With hundreds of projects completed on time, we are happy to design, customize and develop the solution that is the best fit for your business.

Launch Your Marketing Efforts

Are you a start up or looking to revamp your brand?  If so connect with us to learn how we can launch your brand in days and weeks, not months and years.

Your Business is Safe

We utilize server security that will ensure that your records, files and systems are safe, reliable and secure.  Contact us for more details!

We focus on growth!

We believe that sustainable marketing is about growth. We focus our products on problem areas that businesses face and if leveraged could bring profitability in the future.

A Few Interactive Media Features


We design all of our websites with mobile in mind. We ensure every site is designed for engagement and can be accessed smoothly on any screen size. Responsive design ensures that our websites will automatically scale to fit phones, tablets and desktop devices to provide the best end user experience in today’s mobile driven world.

Stand out from the competition with a website design that is unique, creative, functional and optimized for all devices.  We offer web hosting, cloud services, email systems, back up services and cyber security plans to all of our clients.  We our an authorized Comodo SSL Certificate reseller for ecommmerce and peace of mind. We have a large portfolio of web projects and we look forward to working on your next system.


We expect excellence. That is a high standard but it ensures that our clients have no reason to move to another agency or platform provider. We know that practice, due diligence and a lot of hard work goes into agency management and customer deployment. We have the game plan and you can bet that high quality craftsmanship is the differentiating factor.


Hacking, data loss and other unfortunate events can happen.  Do not be a victim put into place best practices for tactical cyber security that does works to protect your digital assets, software and hardware systems.  We offer HIPPA Compliancy and regulatory board assistance for full enterprise cyber security in hospitals, enterprises and businesses.


Ready to take your a business to the next level?

Turn Likes into Leads and Leads into Loyal Customers from day one with our Social Loyalty platform.  With social loyalty you can generate awareness and revenue by turning Likes into leads and leads into life long loyal customers.  The typical loyalty program is designed to retain clients. The social loyalty system amplifies word of mouth marketing by enabling customers to advocate for your brand using social media.

Start marketing a closed loop loyalty program or stored value/gift card program for your clients. Your company has complete branding opportunities to bring loyalty in-house. This includes a custom domain, logo, language, currency, and support information. We are not new kids on the block, our cloud based loyalty program is a fast growing SaaS service.



We have worked with Facebook Open Graph API since Mark Zuckerburg announced the developer programs in 2007. We love Facebook Ads and have proven case studies across multiple industries. We can run custom audience campaigns based upon email and phone number lists as well as create landing pages optimized for mobile conversion. By utilizing the Facebook Ads API, Power Editor, and Partner Categories, we are driving results. We have an uncanny knack for numbers and stats and we are happy to share some of the big league results via our case studies.


Understanding all the chatter is difficult for all businesses. Whether a small business or an enterprise corporation, we are able to organize the social chatter on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and over 60 other API driven Apps. We provide insights and dashboards that uncover the social truth about your brands and their competitors. Need a true baseline tool to assess where you are at on the social spectrum? Marketing ROI enables social and search data aggregation easily and effectively and is a highly prized tool for publishing and advertising on the web.

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