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Metrics on demand has partnered with Trackur, one of the top social monitoring and online reputation management services on the web..It’s time to know who and what people are saying about you and your brand and react appropriately and efficiently.

Brand Monitoring

Closely monitor mentioning’s of your brand, trademarked terms, and key employees within your organization across hundreds of sources including news, blogs, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, forums and lots more.

Keyword Monitoring

Closely monitor mentioning’s of important keywords related to your business, products or services.

Sentiment Analysis

Each result is put through a sentiment analysis, showing you if the text surrounding your brand/keyword is Positive, Negative or Neutral.

Influence Score

The influence score measures what level of authority and impact the result has on the web.

Local Business Listings

Local Business Listings play an enormous role in SEO and more importantly whether a prospect is going to call on a business or not.Having the correct business information, across the top local business directories like Google Places, Whitepages, and Yelp is vital.We’ve automated the process of monitoring and analyzing la business’s local business listings across hundreds of the most popular directories on the web.

LBL Check-Up

Nutshell Metrics will scan hundreds of local business directories and analysis your performance.

Active vs Potential Citations

Quickly identify all of the active citations you currently have claimed and potential citations opportunities.

Google+ Local Analysis

With Google placing local results at the top of the search results, it is important for any local business to capitalize on this prime real estate.

Our Google+ Local Analysis will show a side-by-side comparison or your profile vs. your top local competitors. See how you compare on citations, reviews, score, images etc… Also see which search terms are the most competitive and which offer best opportunities for you to target.

 Call Tracking

For many businesses, the majority of their prospecting and sales are done by phone.  Which is why we have integrated with the Twilio API, which will allow you to connect any Twilio phone numbers to your Nutshell Metrics campaigns.

Call Information

Gather information call details including ‘From’ and ‘To’ phone numbers, duration of the call and the day/time.

Play Calls

Play each call directly from within the Nutshell Metrics interface, allowing you to monitor how calls are being handled. This can be an excellent way to improve customer support and sales, by identifying how employees are handling prospect/customer calls.

Download Calls

You can download each call in mp3 format, if you would like to save it for future reference or send it to a client or employee for follow up.

Google Adwords

Google Adwords Nutshell Metrics is fully integrated with the Google Adwords API. This makes it easy for you to connect all of your client’s Google Adwords accounts.

Daily Metrics

Keep track of all of your Adwords campaigns performance by monitoring daily impressions, clicks, cost per click, total clicks and more.

Campaigns, Ad Groups, Keywords, Ads

Drill down into each level of your Adwords campaign to dig deeper into the structure of your campaigns, the keywords and ads that are running and their performance.


Closely monitor important conversion metrics for each of your Adwords campaigns, by tracking total conversions and cost per conversion, down to the keyword level.

Social Media

Track your Social Reach, Effectiveness and Performance in top social media sites like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Linkedin and YouTube.

Total Connections

Monitor the number of ‘Likes’ ‘Subscribers’ ‘Followers’ and ‘Connections’ across all of your social networks.

Activity Stream

Metrics on Demand will aggregate all of your status updates and replies across all social networks and bring them into an easy to manage “Activity Stream”.

Google Analytics

Nutshell Metrics is fully integrated with the Google Analytics API.  This makes it easy for you to connect all of your client’s Google Analytics accounts.

Daily Traffic

Monitor your daily website traffic, including unique visitors, pages/visits, average time on site and more.

Traffic Sources

Identify how your visitors are finding your website and which of your marketing efforts are performing or underperforming.


See what visitors are searching to find your website in major search engines.

Engagement Metrics

Understand how your visitors are engaging with your website and identify areas of your site that need improvements. Gather metrics like Time on Site, Bounce Rate and Pages per Visitors to measure your sites engagement effectiveness.


Probably the most important metric to monitor, track key actions and conversions people are taking on your site. Everything from Sign-Ups, Purchases, Downloads, and lots more.


Keyword Rankings

Stop spending hours attempting to track keyword rankings manually.  Monitor and track your organic search engine rankings automatically across the two largest search engines in the world, Google and YouTube.

Track Performance Over Time

Drill down into each keyword to track its progress over time.


Our rankings are updated automatically so you always have the most current ranking data.


Google has clearly stated that building quality, authoritative backlinks to your website is one of the most important site ranking factors in their algorithm.

1.6 Trillion URLs Indexed

We have integrated with, the largest index of live backlinks on the web, containing over 1.6 trillion URLs, providing you with the most comprehensive reporting when it comes to backlink research.

Backlink Discovery

Whenever a new backlink is created/found that points to the site you are monitoring, it will automatically be added to your Backlink report.

Backlink Summary

See a summary of all of your backlinks including Backlink Totals, Backlinks by Domain, Follow vs No-Follow, Backlink Types, and Sitewide vs Non-Sitewide links.

Backlink Analysis

Monitor each link pointing to your website, including the type of link it is, it’s Anchor/Link text and its influence/rank with search engines.

Updated Daily

Our link data updates daily, making your backlink reports fresh and up-to-date.